Pookey G ~NEEDS~ Your Help!

Seems like it wasn’t long ago that a man named Pookey G (real name supposedly Gabriel Dunston) roamed the halls of Digital Strips, bringing his wit and wisdom to our digital pages on a regular basis. After he took his leave of DS, Pookey started a webcomic (as we are all wont to do) and now he needs your help to keep it going.

Things change, we shift and alter our plans, and babies come. Life happens, and we all experience it. Now, you have a chance to help one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever “met”. If it’s in your heart on this fine Monday (or any other day, depending on when you read this post), stop by and order a sketch to help a Digital Strips brother out!


1 thought on “Pookey G ~NEEDS~ Your Help!

  1. Yeah, life doesn’t happen, it’s created, and with proper planning a parent can
    PAY FOR THEIR OWN ART SUPPLIES! I know this is harsh and Pookey, you seem like an
    awesome guy/artist so more power to ya, but c’mon, if you can’t pay for some pens
    and paper, that’s just sad man. I have a wife, kid, full time job (which just
    happens to be drawing) and pay for my own art supplies and draw AFTER WORK.
    It’s called growing up guy, please, for that baby’s sake you might want to
    consider it. Get a part time job at Michael’s or AC Moore, for God’s sake you’re
    better than this, Pookey! Right? Man up for your kid, this isn’t the way.

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