Shi Long Pang ~EARNS~ Xeric Grant

Sure, I had no idea what a Xeric Grant did when I scoped this post over at Brigid’s Paperless Comics blog (the best Digital Strips alternative you’re not reading), so I checked out their About Us section. Looks like this foundation grants assistance to dedicated self-publishing comickers and if that title applies to any comic, Shi Long Pang is it.

When we took a quick look at this comic by Ben Costa, the DS staff was unanimously blown away by both the material and the lush, expressive artwork. Hopefully, this grant means more people will see Ben’s work as it truly a wonder to behold.

Our sincerest congratulations to Ben for his win, this is certainly a great thing to happen to a great comic.

Congratulations Are In Order (Paperless Comics, Brigid Alverson)


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