January Zuda Competition Now Down To Nine ~AS~ The Thunderchickens Bows Out

For the first time since the whole, grand experiment began, the ten contestant pool of Zuda competitors has been slimmed down to nine. For reasons that are still unknown, the number one strip as of this morning, The Thunderchickens, has removed itself from consideration. The official word from Zuda blogger and Vice President of Creative Services for DC Comics, Ron Perazza, explained the disappearance while leaving the details shrouded in secrecy:

Last night The Thunderchickens resigned the competition. I won’t go into the specifics behind the resignation other than to say that its a decision that Chad, 3iLL and the staff here mutually agreed was the best course of action given recent events.

The comment thread that follows this post is full of speculation and curiosity, but it seems no one is spilling the beans as to why The Thunderchickens suddenly dropped out of the competition. One thing is for sure, though: Zuda has lost a spectacular comic, as The Thunderchickens stood to win the whole thing when the contest closes out next Friday. The rankings have been shaken up even more since the departure of the former #1 contestant, so go check it out and let your voice be heard!


4 thoughts on “January Zuda Competition Now Down To Nine ~AS~ The Thunderchickens Bows Out

  1. I guess this is what happens when we do Zuda Watch the first week on the month. Better not let that happen again.

  2. You also shortened the podcast too. As if spitting in god’s face wasn’t enough, you kicked him in the nards as well. I hope you’re happy.

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