New Wes Molebash Strip ~NOW~ LIIIIIIIVE!!!

Imagine that intro in my best Tom Bergeron impression and it will have more impact. And I feel sad for the one person in our audience that got that reference.

There’s a new strip to check out, and it’s by the enigmatic, ever-present, all ’round nice guy, Wes Molebash. It seems wherever we go, Wes is there to provide a real-life moment with warmth and humor like no one else. There was the webcomic, You’ll Have That, a large body of work that is highly recommended if you’re in need of some uplifting stories, and Wes even dipped his fingers into the Zuda waters with The Litterbox Chronicles.


Now, Wes has returned to writing human characters with Max vs. Max. This comic looks to cover the same territory as YHT, with perhaps a stronger emphasis on faith and its role in today’s hectic, selfish world. Here’s the word straight from Wes himself:

It would seem that Maxwell Stanton’s worst enemy is, well . . . Maxwell Stanton.  Recently divorced and struggling to find direction in his life, Max does his best to stay optimistic while wrestling with his insecurities and feelings of guilt.  Fortunately for Max, he has an awesome group of friends and a loving family to help him out and kick him in the pants.

Max vs. Max is about the underdog in all of us – that determined feeling we get that urges us to conquer the world even when the chips are down and the light at the end of the tunnel is still several miles away.  Max is proof that seemingly insignificant people can do very significant things.

If anyone can write down-to-earth, human tales of perseverance, it’s Wes. When you just need a good smile (and really, who doesn’t?), make sure to check out Max vs. Max.


1 thought on “New Wes Molebash Strip ~NOW~ LIIIIIIIVE!!!

  1. If you liked You’ll Have That, Littebox Chronicles, Myron and Charlie or even Wes molebash, you’ll enjoy this strip. It’s funny – for reals!

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