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After having been out of the scene for so long I have to refresh my list of sources. Luckily many of them are still around but there are about 10 times the number of blogs there use to be. If I thought there was a proliferation of podcasts and writers out there before, I’m drowning in them now. It does make my life a little easier though because my little Google news alert comes back with something at least once a day instead of once a month, so I only have to wait a few days before I can give you some linky goodness.

First on the list is an interview of Alan Evans. creator of the comic Rival Angels. Fandomania goes through the usual questions of where do you come from and what is your inspiration. BTW no one should ever actually ask “What is your inspiration?”, it’s just understood that no matter what the interviewer’s first question is they are secretly asking for inspiration. KM (the interviewer) goes on to ask how the comic is created and Alan gives an unexpected response of saying that although he does pretty much everything there is a lot of collaboration going on, especially with maintaining the dialogue as female. The rest of the interview is pretty stock but good info for those new to reading Rival Angels.

The next blog is The Webcomic Overlook. This blog has been around for over two years, just long enough that I didn’t know about it. I think this one is going to end up on the list of official news sites. It caught my attention with this post about conservative webcomics, a topic I passingly touched on early in our inception. El Santo sets up the beginning of what would be a very good research project for an article, by touching on three different conservative based strips. I would only fault him in not comparing those strips to known conservative creators, despite a passing mention of Doonesbury.


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