Cleaning out the Attic

Not to long ago I found out we were having a serious problem with email forwarding. Here I was getting all this email sent to the DS address and I thought it was also getting forwarded to everyone else. Boy was I wrong! That means a bunch news worthy material didn’t get leaked to you and I’ll totally take the blame for that. To make matters worst the old news submission system we had running is also on the blitz. Let’s see if we can’t make up for that with some old news posting that’s still worth knowing about.

Back in August the webcomic Teaching Baby Paranoia —by cartoonist Bryant Paul Johnson—celebrated the publication of its 500th strip. The long-running strip, which debuted in January of 2000, is a mélange of historical fiction and pseudo-academic nonsense, drawn in a classically cartoony style, and annotated with footnotes of dubious
accuracy. Bryant has said “I wanted to mark the occasion with something a little different; to stretch my legs a bit, aesthetically. It was important to me to make this a special event. I’m planning on retiring the strip on its 10th anniversary, so this is a last hurrah!”

I received an email, back in Sept., about a new app on the iPhone called Strips. At the time life was busy and there just wasn’t enough time to give an appropriate review. Well it looks like the creator got a little zealous and ended up on the wrong end of copyright infringement. Can’t help but hink that sometimes are passions blind us to our common sense. The comics listed were some pretty big guys and I was really surprised and thought Jeff was going to create something nice if so many had bought in. Guess I was wrong…

There’s a new webcomic publisher on the block. Several emails have come my way from TopatoCo about signing so big artists to print there more recent books. They added Halfpixel cartoonists Dave Kellett and Kris Straub as clients back in early July, becoming the exclusive online retailer for Straub’s “Starslip” and “Chainsawsuit” books and related merchandise, and has partnered with Kellett to produce “Sheldon” apparel. Then they secured the popular online comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja on July 22. Dr. McNinja: Operation Dracula! From Outer Space contains issues 5-8 of the story about a ninja who is also a medical doctor.


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