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SMASH has finished its first season, twelve episodes or nearly 140 pages. In the Episode 12 finale, ten-year-old superhero Smash faces off against his arch-enemy, the brilliant lunatic known as the Magus. Co-created by brothers Chris A. Bolton (writer) and Kyle Bolton (artist), Smash is an all-ages web-comic that combines the humor of Calvin and Hobbes with the adventure of The Incredibles and Bone.

After trying to use Yahoo to build up followers Project Black Manga finds out, like the rest of us, that getting published is nearly impossible for an unknown. I have seen these before, where a comic broken up frame by frame and turned into a video. Typically done with mangas in the tradition of exporting to the rest of world, I’ve never seen it be successful with an unknown comic.

No other comic slams Digg like XKCD. Before Digg was full of trash, I use to find the webcomic on the front page at least once a week. Every time it would have at least 3000 diggs. This time they’ve topped the charts with two girls gaming with one of them who knows how to talk to guys.

iPhone only comics are stating to get noticed. Are these still being called webcomics or are we going to have to create a completely new moniker? Anyways, I found out here that David Gallaher has a new comic on that platform called Box 13. As their second comic along those lines, this strip seems to be taking advantage of the screen better and is being released serially.

The family comic series, “Silly Daddy,” posts its 500th online cartoon November 9th, 2009. Harvey and Ignatz nominated, this comic combines science fiction with real life family drama and humor, and has won the Xeric Award. Since 2004, Silly Daddy has also been a webcomic with an emphasis on one panel cartoons.


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