As Josh Way’s Chronicle Ends ~SO BEGINS~ Strewth!

Back in the Spring of ’08, Brigid, Steve, and I sat down to review Josh Way’s Chronicle, a newspaper-style strip about a young man named Charles and his riches-to-rags-to-more-than-rags tale about trying to bring a struggling newspaper back from the dead and survive the local riff-raff in the process.

While we certainly didn’t see eye-to-eye on the strip itself, we all agreed that Way showed a lot of Strewth teaser panelpromise in the webcomics arena and would someday be a force to reckon with. The short name of the comic kept it fresh in mind, fresh enough to pick the title out of my Google News Alerts when it scrolled by yesterday.

Turns out our own former Digital Stripper, Brigid Alverson, tracked Way down for an interview about the ending of Chronicle and the subsequent beginning of his new comic, Strewth!, which starts November 30th. Check out the interview for an in-depthness only Brigid can deliver and make sure to check out Strewth! when it launches later this month!


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