Ryan “Mr. Internet Comic” Estrada ~FEATURED~ This In This Month’s Zuda Contest

You read that correctly. Ryan Estrada, the one and only king of quantity in webcomics, has an entry in this month’s Zuda Comics competition.

While I have already read his entry, titled, “The Kind You Don’t Bring Home To Mother”, I haven’t perused the other entrants yet so I can’t say whether or not to throw my vote behind Estrada. I can, however, say that, based on his previous works, a Favorite (one of the many metrics that Zuda employs in deciding who wins) would not be out of the question.

We wish good luck to Estrada and all the others in the Zuda contest this month. Looks like it’s shaping up to be another great race in April so check back soon for ZudaWatch 0409!


Julia has a secret! Click the image and read on for more


2 thoughts on “Ryan “Mr. Internet Comic” Estrada ~FEATURED~ This In This Month’s Zuda Contest

  1. Hey, it’s a minor item, but I am curious where the reputation for quantity comes from. If it’s Zuda + strips on his site + 100 or so on his self-proclaimed day, then I can think of at least four people who are more prolific in about three seconds.

    I’m also unclear about whether there is overlap between the self-proclaimed day strips and strip on his site.

    I am interested in learned about prolific creators.

    What am I missing?

  2. I get a reputation for quantity because I tend to put out a lot of work at one. Like my guest strip days, my 168 hour comics, etc. People tend to forget the months it takes me to recover from those, or the months I go working on commissions nobody ever sees. Anyway…. I’m done with quantity for a while, I want to start making quality.

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