Links: Eisners and dollars

The Eisner Award committee released this year’s nominations today, and here are the webcomics finalists:

Bodyworld, by Dash Shaw
Finder, by Carla Speed McNeil
The Lady’s Murder, by Eliza Frye
Speak No Evil, by Elan Trinidad
Vs. by Alexis Sottile & Joe Infurnari

I am confident that this will provide fodder for many fruitful and interesting discussions in the weeks to come.

At Indignant Online, Todd Allen takes a look at the various models for making money off webcomics. To put this in context, it follows a post about the possible demise of print comics. (First link via Journalista.) Tom Spurgeon, however, doesn’t think much of Todd’s article and would like to see more hard numbers.

Sean Kleefeld has a nice post about social marketing of comics, which will be especially significant for webcomics creators.

At Sequential Tart, Rebecca Buchanan interviews Lora Innes, creator of The Dreamer, which IDW is about to bring to print.

Here’s a reason to hang on to that old URL: cat garza let Whimville go a few years ago and now it has been resurrected by a chiropractor, apparently to boost his SEO rating. But it still has some of cat’s comics on it. (Via ComixTalk.) UPDATE: Gary Tyrrell sends them a polite letter.

Also at ComixTalk, Xaviar Xerxes recommends we take a look at a new webcomic, Urf, and from the few panels I read, it looks like his hype is justified this time.

Marc Alan Fishman recommends Kawaii Not at ComicMix.

Delos reviews Bear Nuts at ComixTalk.


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