Links: Spurge’s suggestions, Gurewitch speaks, and more!

Tom Spurgeon asked for webcomics suggestions from his readers, and he posts their latest recommendations at The Comics Reporter.

Shaun Manning interviews Nick Gurewitch about The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack, the print edition that’s shipping even as we speak. At The Daily Cross Hatch, Brian Heater posts part 2 of his interview with Gurewitch as well.

The Baltimore Sun takes a look at Disney’s multi-platform comics thing, Time Jumper. What’s nice is that Stan Lee, who is involved in the project, seems to be as excited about the content as the technology. (Via Robot 6.)

Sean Kleefeld discusses why comics publishers aren’t rushing into digital distribution. The short answer is that they don’t know where to begin, and the incentives aren’t really there either. At Pop Syndicate, Chris Williams takes a look at the problem from the other side; reporting from the ComicsPRO meeting, he discusses what digital distribution might mean for comics retailers. Reporting from the field, here’s Christopher Butcher as he liveblogs this month’s Previews:

Second FREAKANGELS collection. That one is the best-selling (for us) Ellis collection in years… I wonder what that says about alternate distribution methods eh?

Of course, that’s strictly anecdotal…

Meanwhile, Dan Hipp announces that the third volume of Gyakushu! will be online-only. The first two volumes, which were print-only, were published by Tokyopop

If selling T-shirts is an essential part of the webcomics business model, they might as well be good T-shirts; at, Brad Guigar posts the video of the T-shirt design panel at New England Webcomics Weekend. Also: Emerald City Comic Con is this weekend!


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