Left to our own devices: Comics on handhelds

Chris Ullrich covers the Comics on Handhelds panel at SXSW.

At Publishers Weekly, Michael Fitzpatrick takes a look at Fujitsu e-book reader, recently launched in Japan, which seems to be the first e-paper reader to incorporate color. The FLEPia will go on sale April 20, and it sounds a lot like the Kindle except for the color and the fact that it costs $1,000. According to the article, the Fujitsu folks are working on bringing the price down and developing a U.S. edition, so stay tuned.

Brendan Wilhide reviews ComicZeal, an iPhone app that allows you to read comics, in color, using the standard iPhone navigation (swipe, pinch, tap). You can download some Golden Age comics for free or import your own in standard formats.

On the other hand, Sean Kleefeld expounds on the chief disadvantage of reading comics on the iPhone and similar devices: They are too small.

At Salon, Olly Farshi reviews the iTunes version of James Patterson’s graphic novel Daniel X.

Moving in a perfect cultural circle, British creator Sean Michael Wilson has just sold a comic for adaptation to Japanese mobile phones and e-books. The title? It’s a Japanese translation of his comic Lafcadio Hearn’s Japanese Ghost Stories—that’s right, a British comic about Japanese literature is being translated into Japanese. (I have seen the print version of the comic, actually, and it’s lovely.)


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