This Is What Happens ~WHEN~ Guests Overstay Their Welcome


As Meredith Gran, creator of Octopus Pie and organizer extraordinaire of Webcomics Weekend is finding out, when you have guests stay with you for a long period of time, they will eventually start going through your stuff.

Guest strip by KC Green and David Malki!

Guest strip by KC Green and David Malki!

Case in point: KC Green and David Malki! (of Horribleville and Wondermark, respectively) took it upon themselves sometime past the midnight hour to show their appreciation for everything Gran did to make this weekend a huge success (and believe me, it was a lot). And so, this guest strip was born.

I’m sure she’s flattered. I’m just curious what the webcomics world might come to should this collaboration continue. The mind is boggled…


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