Old Faces Finding New Places ~FEATURING~ Rick Marshall *UPDATED*


Webcomics journalism is growing, both in terms of those who only report on that facet of the art form (ourselves, Fleen, ComixTalk) and for other outlets who cover all comics and give webcomics equal time (and rightfully so). Rick Marshall, formerly of the Wizard online world, falls into the latter category.

I met Rick at the unofficial NEWW House Party (yes, there was a party full of nearly every big webcomics creator you could imagine and I was there) and we talked a bit about what it is he hopes to accomplish with the new branch of the MTV media blog, SplashPage, of which he is the editor. Regardless of your feelings towards the biggest music network not actually playing any music, the online arm (finger?) of the company is full of useful knowledge in each of several pertinent categories like video games and comic books.

While Rick was reticent to provide an interview as the venture is still relatively new, you can bet he’ll have plenty to say in the coming weeks, months, and hopefully, years. I look forward to what Rick and the rest of the SplashPage crew have in store for our beloved community and if they play this right, their’s could be the biggest voice in webcomics before you can say, “What? Fleen went out of business?!?”. Do us proud, Rick!

P.S. Also check Rick’s blog, mindpollution, for further thoughts on webcomics and any other topic he might muse about.

UPDATE: That was quick! Rick’s thoughts on the weekend now at SplashPage!


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