NEWW Interview ~WITH~ David Willis of Shortpacked!


There are some writers, in both comic books and webcomics, that write for the sake of continuity. It’s about the story, seamless and long-form, and the characters are simply there to help that tale along. Fun becomes a happenstance consequence in regards to the greater good of the almighty plotline and eventually it doesn’t matter who’s pulled into a story because each character is as paper-thin as the next.

But then there’s David Willis. The young creator of Shortpacked! (and many others) excels at developing characters, people (and automobiles and deceased ex-Presidents) who have a purpose for being and who can make any situation instantly entertaining, not because of what they’re doing, but because of who they are. This is really all just a drawn-out way of saying Willis has crafted some immensely satisfying moments with his characters on Shortpacked! and you must all go and read them right now.

After you listen to this interview with the man himself, of course.


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