Links: NEWW and beyond!

Lee Cheriolis was at New England Webcomics Weekend, and he posts the first of several videos, this one being Print vs. Web vs. A Bear, at Blog@Newsarama. Kevin Hodgson of The Graphic Classroom made a video, too.

Chickenhare creator Chris Grine is parting ways with Dark Horse and putting his comic online. (Via Robot6.)

Here’s another find from Robot6: a Webcomics 101 article from Interface, which styles itself “The Journal of Education, Community, and Values.” You can tell it’s a scholarly article ‘cos there’s footnotes!

In a rare moment of unanimity, we all really hated The Black Cherry Bombshells when it ran on Zuda, but the joke was on us: BCB won their month, and they are now celebrating their first anniversary. Plus I met the creators at NYCC and they were really nice guys who looked like they were having a good time making their comic. I’ll be reviewing it soon, but in the meantime, check out all the anniversary happenings on their MySpace blog. And look, here’s an interview by their local paper!

CSI: Colonies: The Smithsonian has a new kids’ webcomic, The Secret in the Cellar, about a forensic mystery from the 17th century, based more or less on fact. (Via The Graphic Classroom.)

Xaviar Xerxes talks to Brian Brabendererde, creator of Soul Chaser Betty, and Monty Kane of Planet Saturday at ComixTalk.

Brian Heater interviews Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Perry Bible Fellowship, at The Daily Cross Hatch.

Larry Cruz reviews a manga with teens that look like teens, Evil Diva, at The Webcomic Overlook.

New blog alert: The UK site Down the Tubes has launched a news blog focusing on digital and mobile comics.

At the Newark Webcomics Review, Allison Bergh checks out a workplace webcomic, My 25 Percent.

New webcomic to check out: Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell (rec’d by Valerie d’Orazio via Twitter).


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  1. Thanks for linking to our strip! This is a great blog. It’s wonderful to see some smart media specifically focusing on webcomics.

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