Free advice! Cheap at half the price!

This week seems to have brought a bumper crop of advice and opinion on the internets, some of it actually useful and worthwhile. Here’s a sampling of potential interest to webcomics creators and readers:

First of all, if you haven’t been by since the change of proprietors, go take a look. They have reinvented themselves rather nicely as a news and how-to’s site, and at the moment, they have a nice selection of pieces up on topics like inking, writing press releases, and actually getting the damn comic done.

Jim Munroe, creator of Therefore, Repent!, recently gave a talk on how to get your writing in front of readers’ eyes. It’s not just about comics, but the piece is worth reading, and the illustrations that Ramon Perez did during the talk make it well worth the click. (Via Comics212.)

From the other side of the page, John Jakala has a don’t-miss list of what he, as a reader, wants to see from digital comics at his blog Sporadic Sequential.

And on the technical side of things, Sean Kleefeld explains digital file formats, including pesky terms like “rasterized.”


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