Do You Like Your Webcomics Serially ~OR~ Collectively?

I read a ridiculous amount of webcomics, most of which are run serially in some fashion, but I never once stopped to compare that storytelling method to the serial-yet-collected editions that arrive in comic shops every Wednesday.

Now, CBR has changed that, with an editorial debating the pros and cons of the current delivery methods for comic books, those being weekly/monthly and collected in story arcs with trade paperbacks. Though the focus of the post is on print media, writer Timothy Callahan gives webcomics a turn as well, wondering if the daily or semi-daily portions are too much to really make an impact on readers. This quote in particular is interesting:

It works like this: “oh, yeah, I haven’t checked that webcomic in a while, what’s new? Oh, wait, did I read this part yet? Where did I leave off?”

So does that happen to you, even with your most favoritest webcomics? Or is this digital dish just the right size?


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