Wizard Acknowledging Webcomics ~IS~ The Second Verse, Same As The First

Many remember the bi-weekly column over on the Wizard Universe site titled Cursory Conversations.  It was a great little pick-me-up for various webcomics creators and a good intro to the medium for newbies written by Brian Warmoth and Rick Marshall.

If you recall that, then you probably also remember that this welcome addition to the increasingly Maxim-ified Wizard world was cut before it could even build up a head of steam.  Then, that steam was forcibly evaporated, never to be found again.  Where did Warmoth and Marshall and their webcomics exploits disappear to?  The Internets would never know.

But lo!  The Wizard has again graced us, the webcomics people, with his presence, and brought us words from our gods from on high!  Listen as he tells us in his new column, Webcomic of the Week, of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and Girl Genius! Marvel as you wonder whether or not these are the same strips they featured when Cursory Conversations began all those months ago!  Scream when you realize that it is indeed the same very strips!  And be thankful, ye who believe, that we have the Wizard to tell us of the webcomickers and their brave tales!



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