Brinkerhoff ~IS~ Back, Two Times A Week

Humor comes in all different flavors and colors on the Web, and webcomics is certainly no differrent in this regard.  You’ve got your Penny Arcade-ish, in-your-face action shots that inspire laugh-out-loud moments (known to some as LOLs) and there’s also the XKCD, dry comedy route that brings about more of a hearty chortle or two with nearly every update.Welcome Back, Brink!

Now the sharp comedic writing of Gabe Strine can reenter those ranks as Brinkerhoff is back, with updates on every Monday and Wednesday.  A horribly overlooked gem of a webcomic, Brink has been the source of some of this blogger’s favorite webcomics moments, full of characters who expound rather extensively on all subjects without prejudice or fear of reprisal.

But I’ll let Gabe himself tell you all about it, after the break!  Welcome back, Gabe!

It’s really been great turning out these new strips. I really missed that connection with my imagination and to these characters. At the end of the day Brinkerhoff’s existence is entirely predicated on the personal enjoyment of its creation. For those that are having fun on the journey with me, all the better. There’s a lot of fun stories to tell and I can’t wait to tell them.

I have a great deal of appreciation for those that have been kind enough to support this comic by buying books and shirts, but rest assured, I’ll never think of you as “customers”. Every product I make is something I’ve wanted to own for myself. I’m Brinkerhoff’s biggest fan and the biggest perk I have is the ability to make stuff with his face on it.

So, now we’re back. Thanks again to everyone checking back on what seemed to be an abandoned link. I also appreciate everyone who e-mailed for status reports. 6 months was long time to wait, but I’m glad you’re back on board with me. The only bad news I have to report is that with its return Brinkerhoff can’t be on the same schedule as it was before. Life still keeps me pretty busy and I can’t keep up the same 5-day-a-week routine that the first 2 years of this comic maintained. My time is still at a premium, but I couldn’t not do Brinkerhoff anymore, so a compromise had to be reached. What I came up with was 2 strips a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, for you to get your Brinkerhoff fix.

I know it’s not what many of you were hoping for, but this is still a hobby for me. If Brinkerhoff suddenly, somehow became a cash cow that could justify more of a time commitment, I could accommodate that (in fact, that would kick several kinds of ass), but it’s just not reality. For now, we’ll consider Monday and Wednesday just a little more worthwhile to roll out of bed for.


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