Ladies First? Webcomics Shatters The Glass Ceiling ~FOR~ Women In Comics

Ladies, you know as well as I, comics has historically been a male-dominated profession, yes?  And you’re changing that with webcomics, completely destroying that barrier that says, “This is sharp writing, but you’re a lady, and ladies can’t write comic books”?

Yeah, we’re not cool with that.

Kidding, all a joke, of course.  There are countless creators out there of the XX persuasion, and many of them are the more successful creators of our day: Danielle Corsetto (work pictured, right), Charlie Trotman, Jennie Breeden, Lea Hernandez, Corey Marie Parkhill, Meredith Gran, and many, many others are kicking butt, taking names, and chewing gum.  That’s right, they even have bubble gum.

Sean Kleefeld of Kleefeld on Comics made a quick post about this very subject, specifically how the “go anywhere, do anything” style of the Web has opened the doors to creators from all walks of life who might not have gotten the chance to break out and really show their stuff with a syndicate or major publisher.  It’s an interesting take on why the freedom the Internet offers might be the best thing to ever happen to the artform, as well as yet another place to pick up some more links for strips you might not know about yet.


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