Beaver and Steve Contest Winner Announced ~BUT~ What A Contest!

Newest addition to the DS team and Senior European Correspondent Michael Rouse-Deane (or Mike Rouse-Deane, to those who know him) wrote about the recent Beaver and Steve contest to determine who might take over art chores on the next few weeks of strips for the hiatus-fearing B&S creator, James Turner. From the moment I spotted this on
my RSS, I knew I would have to peer deeply into the souls ofevery entrant of this competition.

Luckily for you, that time is now.

Turner has already named his winner and runners-up, so speculation can be laid to rest. It’s now time to take a second look at the pool of hopefuls and see what made this a grand try at matching, and in some cases surpassing, the dry-as-bones humor of B&S.Andy Powell B&S entry

Alphabetically (by first name, anways) we shall go, and we start off with my personal favorite, the runner-up Andy Powell. It took some lookin’, but I was finally able to track down more of his work and don’t you worry about Mr. Powell. Dude’s got enough chops to make it in any art field.

Clare Potts’ entry must be noted as she is the only one with the stones to have her own human characters act out the script as Turner wrote it. Bravo on a job differently done, Clare.

And the award for Best Alternative Milk-Pouring Style goes to… runner-up, Drew Mokris! Behind-the-back!

Simultaneously presenting the best name and tweaking of the layout/flow is Edgar Gruntfuttock. Do I believe that’s his real name? No. Do I think it’s a great made-up name? Yes.

Johnny Connell gets a nod for doing not only three versions, but three very different, distinct versions. You want pixelated? He’s got it. How ’bout a style more representative of each characters’ real-life species? Got that, too. And you say you want the more generic webcomic style? It’s all here, in this Johnny Connell Collection, that’s three strips for the price of one! So much value here he’s practically giving it away! Oh wait… he did…

Keong C’s strip must be noted for the style choices alone (pictured, below).

Keong C B&S entry

The It’s Not A Too-Mah Award goes to Scott Wright. Check it out and you’ll know what I mean. Unless he planned on taking the strip in a much more “tonight on a special episode of Beaver and Steve” direction, I don’t get the growth.

And finally, Tim Pearson earns a note because… well, just look at the thing!

And that’s that, my friends. All in all, it was a fun study of comic timing and why some people just don’t get that there is such a thing as comic timing. Also of note, nearly every entry made use of the famed Beaver and Steve, let’s have a sound effect for every little noise and motion technique. This is also a great opportunity for someone to take the background items and choices in an off-the-wall, certifiably insane direction, but sadly, no one even came close in that regard.

Webcomics creators: do more of this kind of thing! It’s a great way to discover untapped talent and is just plain fun.


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