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The third episode of that Cloverfield web manga is up and has been translated into English, perhaps in violation of copyright laws.

John Jakala discusses Franken Fran, a scanlation he is really enjoying:

I’d describe it as an amped up Tales From The Crypt for the new generation. (Imagine that there’d been no comic code to worry about so EC could have shown disembowelments and other gruesome fates in graphic detail.) Still, despite the gore, the series does have a heart… even if that heart is frequently ripped out and stepped on at the very end.

Afghanisu-tanAlso, this is getting linked all over but in case you missed it, here is a moe explanation of the war on terror—well, it’s mostly about Afghanistan, really. If you don’t know what moe is… that’s some right there on the right.

In non-manga news, big ups to our own Jason Sigler, whose Amazing Super Zeroes passed the 200th-episode milestone a few weeks back. Nice work, Jason, and keep on writin’ and drawin’!

MassLive.com talks to webcomicker and Fleen columnist Anne Thalheimer about the place of webcomics in the world and the unique possibilities of comics as a storytelling medium. Good stuff.

I need to spend more time at ComicMix, because every time I go there I find something interesting. Check out Rick Marshall’s recent interviews with Steven Cloud (Boy on a Stick and Slither), Nicholas Gurewitch (The Perry Bible Fellowship), R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties), Jeffrey Rowland (OverCompensating), and Wes Molebash (You’ll Have That), who also discusses his experiences with Zuda.

Boxcar Comics is back! Sort of. The most recent post on the main page is from March 26, but we expect to see more updates shortly… right, guys?

BOOM! Studios is putting the entire graphic novel Giant Monster online for free. There are two catches: It’s only up until May 9, and it’s presented as a series of single pages that have to be clicked on individually. This is the one interface that’s worse than Zuda’s—couldn’t they be bothered putting it into a proper comics reader? (Via Comics Worth Reading.)

Matthew J. Brady has a nice review of the print edition of North World up at Warren Peace Sings the Blues.

Brad Guigar notified us that he’s taking orders for the third Evil, Inc. print collection. Ordering info is at the link.

The Flowfield Unity has a new web address. Reset your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly.

A couple of new webcomics came in through the transom recently: The Wizards of Ur, described by Chuck Whelon thusly:

Fellow artists Nate Piekos (Atland), James V. West (Pan-Gea), A.P. Furtado (Elf’n’Troll) and Chuck Whelon (Pewfell—me!) have decided to combine forces and start a new sketch blog as a sort of one-stop shop for all your old-school, Heavy-Metal inspired, cartoon fantasy webcomics.

Jamie Dee Galey has a Batman vs. Godzilla webcomic up, and that concept is too good to resist, no matter how many copyrights it violates.

And Jason Viola’s Herman the Manatee, every episode of which features a manatee hitting his head on a boat. It’s like Charlie Brown and the football, only with a manatee and a boat, if you catch my drift. Here’s a mini-review at WebComic Asylum.

Confidential to the folks at Flashback Universe: A Paper Comics DeathWatch is both clever and timely, but posting your commentary in white-and-neon-colored sanserif type on a black background is not going to overthrow the existing paradigms. I think your web designer may be a counter-revolutionary mole.


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