Shuster awards: Transmission X dominates other signals

The list of nominees has been released for the 2008 Joe Shuster Awards, which honor the best Canadian comics creators of the year, and the webcomics list includes several Digital Strips favorites. Here’s the lineup:

Michael Cho for Papercuts
Scott Hepburn for The Port
Karl Kerschl for The Abominable Charles Christopher
Gisele Legace for Penny and Aggie
Ramon Perez for Kikuburi and Butternut Squash with Rob Coughler
Scott Ramsoomair for VG Cats
Ryan Sohmer and Lar De Souza for Least I Could Do and Looking for Group
Cameron Stewart for Sin Titulo

That’s some good reading, right there. It’s interesting to note that at five of the nominees are affiliated with the Transmission X collective: Papercuts, The Port, The Abominable Charles Christopher, Kukuburi, and Sin Titulo. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out this superb website, which presents an eclectic variety of comics with a polished, simple interface.

Also, there’s a change in the way they do things chez Shuster this time around: The winners will be selected by a jury, not a public vote as in previous years.


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