Goodbye Old Niche Comic, Hello New Niche Comic

Just a quick bit of news because I can’t seem to delete my double post of my review below, but I can replace it with something else (Yay Internet!).

Maniac Graffiti, one of my favorite comics that I’ve never mentioned hear because only World of Warcraft players  would enjoy it has come to an end. Creator Anya has decided to quit the game and with it the comic. The strip however, is still excellent and I urge everyone who does or has played WoW to check out the archive. The strip had a lot of great in-world jokes and a really fun and intricate style about it. You should also take a look at the commissions of other people’s characters that are included with a lot of the later strips. All in all a great look at the world’s most popular MMORPG.

In other, yet similar new, VGCats creator Scott Ramsoomair has started a new comic based entirely on the PokeSaga called “Super Effective.” I don’t know how long a strip all about Pokemon can last, but I’m happy to see him try.


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