Quick links for Tuesday

At Webcomics.com, T Campbell lists webcomic articles he’d like to see. There’s plenty of blog fodder there—go take a look.

David Welsh reviews the print version of Louis Trondheim’s Little Nothings, which looks on track to be one of the outstanding comics of the year. If you read French, the original is here, and for Anglophones, publisher NBM has a good-sized sample on its site.

Jonathan Callan wraps up his interview with Kristopher Straub at Comic Book Resources.

Not really webcomics, but related to the general concept of giving stuff away for free in order to increase sales: Neil Gaiman responds to a bookseller who complained that he put an audiobook up for free download. (Via Comics212.)

If you’re planning to go to New York Comic-Con (I am!), check out their magazine, which you can download for free.


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