Interest Piquers ~KEEP ON~ Piquin’!

You know, there really is something to this bloggin’ thing. I mean, news needs exposure, we have some exposure, and so condensing news that others have reported on and researched equals more exposure. It’s a simple equation, nothing befitting any XKCD stick-figurie (new word!) but still one that fascinates me.

Now that we’ve indulged my bit of self-discovery, let’s tear into some folks, shall we?

– First up, Wizard. No, not the company who makes your favorite collectible card games, the one who owned the comic reporting world and threw it away to focus on babes and other, you know, dude stuff.

If you’ve picked up an issue of Wizard: The Comics Magazine lately, you must have a back issue in your possession. These days, Wizard goes with the tagline, “The #1 Men’s Pop Culture Magazine.” No, really.

Before I even get started on the real issue here, who says? Who made this the #1 Men’s Pop Culture Magazine before it even launched with the title? I’m no mathematician (heck, I’m still amazed that multiplying anything by 0 makes it, too, 0) but I’m pretty sure that’s impossible. Especially with rags like Maxim and Playboy around (no links because I like to keep it Lunchbox).

So on top of this initial transgression, Wizard has quietly started deleting their online archives. Guess it takes a lot of Web E-state to run the #1 Men’s Pop Culture Magazine. With those archives go the Cursory Conversations, interviews conducted by Brian Warmoth with various webcomics creators, including Aaron Diaz, Phil and Kaja Foglio, and Nicholas Gurewitch. The Q&As were fun, informative, and provided a great insight into the greatest young writers and artists walking the world today.

Putting hot babes on nearly every page is one thing, but buddying up with webcomics for weeks, nay months, and then cutting us off without an explanation? Doesn’t sound like the #1 anything to me.

– And now, things that don’t make me die inside. While researching another story, I came across a webcomic that will soon find itself a new home on TV. World of Quest, a strip currently cozied up with Komikwerks, will be premiering on Kid’s WB (man, that is an ADD-drenched website) on their Saturday morning line-up come March 15th (check local listings, blah blah blah). Congrats to creator Jason Kruse on the pick-up and here’s to a bright future for World of Quest! Maybe we could do a review of it some time…

– The train has returned to the station! Boxcar Comics is officially relaunched and you can expect a greater presence in the world of comics! Conventions! Collections! Podcasts! Anthologies! A steel-cage-death-match with the bromance of Halfpixel! As a regular sampler of 62.5% of Boxcar’s wares, this announcement is nothing but great news, and in honor of their reenergized spirit, here’s their full current roster, in alphabetical (not preferential) order:

– And speaking of You’ll Have That, creator Wes Molebash announced this past week that his Zuda Comics entry, The Litterbox Chronicles, is #1! But don’t get the champagne just yet! The margin of victory thus far is slim, so get on the Zuda site if you haven’t already and vote for Wes’ work! I’d feel bad shilling for crap but fear not! Molebash carries the addictive cuteness of YHT to TLC almost seamlessly and makes for something I want to read more of.

– Wrapping things up with a sugary-sweet coating this week (have to use something to get that Wizard taste out of my mouth), it came to my attention (via ComixTalk, worst name ever) that Breakfast of the Gods, the best hard-boiled take on all your favorite breakfast mascots, has just wrapped up Book Two: O Cap’n, My Cap’n.

I was under the impression that the strip was still on hiatus from the end of the first book, so I was ecstatic to hear that not only was there a second book to be had, but that it was completed! Go catch up with Cap’n Crunch, Count Chocula, and the whole Saturday morning tasties gang and pray with me that creator Brendan Douglas Jones is able to keep Book Three: Apocalypse Yum on track for a May premiere!

And with that, I’m off to get myself some Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Enjoy yourself some of your favorite breakfast cereal and stay tuned!


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