A few quick things…

ComiXology has a two part interview with Dorothy Gambrell, creator of Cat and Girl, in which she talks about making a living and reminisces about the olden days:

In 1999 I wasn’t even aware that programs like Dreamweaver existed. When Cat and Girl began everything on the website had to be sloppily hand-coded through telnet. Everything was harder then and we lived for three weeks on hard tack

And we liked it!

Wendy and Richard Pini are the latest old skool comics creators to jump on the digital bus: They will be putting all of the Elfquest backlist online starting next Friday. (Via Journalista, who got it from Fleen.)

I haven’t had time to look at this yet—expect some commentary when I do—but 741.5 Comics blogs about Steve Ditko’s Avenging World, which is available for download here.


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