Brad Guigar and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Comic

If you’ve never read Brad Guigar’s Evil Inc. now is a great time to mend your foolish ways. Evil Inc. has made the big jump into full color. With the help of his new colorist, Geek Tragedy’s Ed Ryzowski Guigar is making the evil parts of the Internet all the more colorful.


There are several things good about this new arrangement.

First: the color looks amazing. If you had told me a week ago that Evil Inc. was going to be colored from now on I would be a little apprehensive. Guigar really nails the black-and-white, newspaper style and there are plenty of full color strips where the color is just sort of there, flat and boring. It doesn’t really add to the visuals at all. Fortunately Ryzowski knows what he’s doing here. His colors add life and depth to an already great looking strip to make something truly gorgeous.


Secondly: this new team up sets a great example of the collaborative powers of the Internet. Two people, who knows how far apart physically, working together to make things happen. There is plenty of digital talent out there in the tubes. I would love to see more power teams form up. They could be like Voltron or, for our younger readers, the Power Rangers.


Thirdly: Female super-villain receptionists look good in color.


This is what we need Internet people. More improvements. More collaboration. More making print comics look just plan sad. Everyone go out there and make another great comic even better! Or at least say you’re going to and then get to busy.


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