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Awards time: WCCA nominations close today. If you’re a webcomics creator and somehow missed the memo, get on over there. We’ll wait. Meanwhile, Xavier Xerxes interviews WCCA chair Frank “Damonk” Cormier at Comix Talk. 

In other awards news, Broken Frontier gives their Best Webcomic Creator award to Ursula Vernon for Digger.

Alexander Danner takes a look at webcomics readers (interfaces, not people) at Webcomics.com.

Will webcomics kill newspaper strips? The McGill Tribune uses that as a teaser for a nice survey of the world of webcomics.

Sequential Tart interviews Bill Barnes, the creator of one of my favorite strips, Unshelved.

Free manga on the web: King Tractor Press is putting its backlist up for free download on Wowio. Titles available include Family Bones and Devil Water.

Niches for nerds: The website Sitepoint has an interesting piece on Webcomics about web design. (Via Journalista.) And the India Post spotlights a webcomic about “the lighter side of outsourcing.”

At Broken Frontier, Richard Pulfer reviews the sci-fi webcomic Timepeeper.

Going to Katsucon? They’re having a nice webcomics promotion this year, with 13 creators providing swag to be raffled off.


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