Blogger Sees Game Over ~AND~ Penny Arcade Laughs On

It’s not the first time Penny Arcade has gotten the last word in on a video game fracas, and it surely won’t be the last. blogger Kevin McCullough recently pontificated as to the various sexual scenarios possible in the well-received Xbox 360 game, Mass Effect. In his post (which, along with his bio and column on Townhall, is no longer available), McCullough describes several aspects of the game which are, to him, disgusting and reprehensible. While these comments were found to be largely erroneous, a second post (on his personal blog, which is still available) not only strengthened his convictions but reinforced them with newly conjured evidence.

Seeing all of this transpire from this tower atop Mount Webcomic, Gabe and Tycho set to righting this wrong in their usual fashion, with a post of their own to support a stellar, illustrative dramatization. Not only did they do the prerequisite bang-up job of satiring the whole thing, Tycho really cut to the heart of the matter and helped to set a goal for their loyal readership:

I urge you not to encourage any further outbursts on his part: the man is strictly small-time, and you have the power keep it that way.

It’s hard to find examples of webcomics affecting real change in the world, small though it may be, but Penny Arcade seems to make it a weekly goal. Are there any other creators out there that can say the same?


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