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 In our latest Digital Strips Update (which can be found with all it’s updatey goodness below) it was brought to my attention that there are Web comics on MySpace. I also tried to bring it to the Internet’s attention that MySpace sucks. It’s not the idea of social networking sites that bothers me. It’s the idea of really dumb ones with nothing but really ugly layouts and pictures of teenagers taking their picture in the mirror that bothers me.

Still, Web comics artists are always looking for new ways to find more readers. The ever-inventing Wes Molebash, creator of You’ll Have That, has found an new and very different social networking site to promote his strip.


Operator 11 is a new site that combines the social aspect of Facebook with the endless seas of video blogs found on Youtube. Molebash has created a video profile and several videos of him creating his strips along with a promise that if we time it right, we’ll be able to watch him chronicle the lives of Andy and Katy live.


I haven’t done much on Operator 11 yet, but the interface seems really clean and easy to use. Plus it has all the shiny logos I’ve come to expect from Web 2.0 and daddy likes the shine. I’ve always enjoyed watching videos of strips I read being drawn. You can tell that each creator has a unique style that lends itself to the style of the strip. It’s educational and fun!


For anyone out there who wants to know what Molebash looks like, but are afraid of the sudden movement often associated with videos, he’s posted a bunch of photos from his Art of Cartoon Exhibit and San Diego Comic Con, on another social site I approve of, Flicker. And if you’re afraid of the Internet in generals (besides us of course, we’re safe) You’ll Have That is featured in this month Wizard Magazine.


Not bad for one guy huh?


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