I Need to Stop Suggesting Other Shows for you to Listen To

Web comics are sexy. Podcasting is also sexy. Podcasting about Web comics is super sexy. Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub and Dave Kellett are now officially super sexy. Along with Brad Guiger (who was already super sexy) they have started a new podcast, Webcomics Weekly.


Webcomics Weekly is totally different than the other Halfpixel podcasts. Rather than being purely for entertainment, Webcomics Weekly is meant to help all those aspiring cartoonists out there do better. The plan is for the show to be a bunch of creators talking shop about their craft. They hope to offer tips and advice to everyone from the beginner to the almost pro.


Lets be honest, this is something that the Web as a whole really needs. There are a lot of crappy comics out there that have potential but lack knowledge in the basic theory of the art. People, I understand the desire to learn things on you own and to be different, but you should still know the basic theory of stuff and resources like this are a great help. Besides, why turn down free advice? You don’t have to take it, and if you do you can always pretend you figured it out on your own. No one will ever know.


I listened to the first episode. I really liked it. They offered advice on ever aspect of making a comic, from writing to drawing to layout to even a few technical tidbits. It wasn’t the boring lecture that I was afraid it would be. The whole show was very conversational, quick flowing and entertaining. I learned a lot though and plan on using some of what they said in my own work.


What I like most about the show is how all the host came across. I was afraid they’d sound very comicyer-than-thou but they didn’t, they just sounded like a bunch of guys who really enjoyed making comics, have learned a lot about it and want to help others know more. The show was short enough that it didn’t drag on and was clean (the cleanest thing I’ve ever heard Kurtz do actually).


I do wish there was a way they could do this as a video cast. There were a couple points where it would really have been helpful to see examples of what they are talking about. Oh well, maybe someday when they all have nothing but time to edit a show. For now, I’ll take this and enjoy the heck out it. I can’t wait for the next one.


And yes, I had to write this up as soon as I could in order to beat Midnight to the punch.


1 thought on “I Need to Stop Suggesting Other Shows for you to Listen To

  1. Darned tootin’ you better jump on it, Steve! Er… The Geek! *sigh* Secret identities are HARD.

    I have yet to give this a listen but I’ll make sure to cue it up while strippin’ tomorrow. I figure it will either be an incredibly insightful and entertaining how-to from four guys who know their stuff or I’ll be ridiculously incensed by my jealousy and write up a hateful review to be posted ASAP.

    Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

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