The Kid’s Book Project Update ~OR~ For People Who DON’T Hate Children

As a contributor and public shill, it is my duty, and privilege, to remind you that The Kid’s Book Project, spearheaded by Michael Rouse-Deane of Webcomics In Print fame, is underway and nearing the halfway mark of completion!

Pre-orders are already being taken on this 60-page tale of adventure, whimsy, and more adventure! Really, I can’t tell you what it’s going to be about as I’ve only seen two pages of the book thus far, the one that came after mine and the page I created.

That’s right, the book is being put together in halves, with the first half of the creators working from the page before theirs and the second half only seeing what comes immediately after. It’s a bold idea, certainly, but the list of creators is so ecclectic and full of quality that the end product can be nothing less than interesting, if not history-making. Creators like Dean Trippe, Ryan North, Danielle Corsetto, Mitch Clem, Ryan Estrada, Philip Spence, and our own Brandon J. Carr are working their imaginations hard to make this a book that all ages can enjoy and which could be the most significant printed work yet to come out of webcomics.

As an incentive to the first hundred pre-orders, Michael is offering an A4 print of the artist’s signatures, including thank-yous for buying one of the first 100 copies and for supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That’s right, all of the profits made on The Kid’s Book go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, helping children with life-threatening illnesses to make their dreams come true. Really, if you know you can do something to give a sick child peace before passing into the next life, is it even possible to say no?

Pre-orders are approximately $17 US (don’t have the exact exchange in front of me) and are being taken right now via Paypal for a December release. For that price, you get a print of signatures from some of the biggest and brightest names out there today, a great book with a limitless ceiling for fun and adventure, and the chance to do something amazing for a child’s final wish. Buy one, buy two, buy five; the more you spend, the more you help. Let’s rally again and show the world that webcomics can offer the same reward of a Child’s Play and really make a difference in someone’s life.


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