PC Magazine Rates 10 Best Webcomics ~OR~ Say Wha–?

It’s finally here, folks! The long-awaited 10 Best Webcomics list is finally here from the biggest, bestest webcomics authority on God’s green Earth, PC Magazine!

Ok, so PC Magazine isn’t the first publication you’d think of when it comes to our hard-to-define medium. Hell, it isn’t even ninety-first. But it is a big publication and if they list their favorites, why shouldn’t we tear these picks to shreds and call out those know-it-alls for their horribly adjusted misconception of the place many of us call home?

I would be the first among us to grab up our pitchforks and storm the castle, demanding blood and the satisfaction that one more mind has been changed… if it weren’t for the fact that their list contains, nearly exclusively, all the strips that I already read and love. PA? Check. XKCD? Check. PBF? Check. The preceding write-up also includes the ubiquitous slam on the current state of comic strips in newspapers, followed up with yet another recommendation to check us out as a suitable replacement. We’ve seen it all before, so does anything make this list better than the others?

Most of all, does PC Magazine, in all it’s multi-layered omniscience, really get the webcomics it so reveres? On the topic of Toothpaste for Dinner, PCM notes that the one-panel strips might offer:

“[…] the perfect retort to end those endless e-mail threads of one-upmanship that happen from time to time.”

Fair enough; having never read the self proclaimed most addictive comic on the web, a quick peek at the archives reveals that this claim may be a valid one.

How about old stand-bys like PA and PvP?

“If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably already heard of Penny Arcade; if you don’t game, well, this one is probably not for you.”

The last line is actually a link to a strip that could only be noticed and, well, gotten if one were to either keep up with the strip regularly or read through the entire archives to find such a gem. And PvP?

“Author Scott Kurtz brings sharp professionalism to the webcomics field, delivering great gags, lovable characters, and fun, nerd-tacular storylines.”

Um… yeah. That just about sums them up nicely. It seems a magazine about PCs seems to understand the web quite well. And so, another list has been verified.


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