DS 117: Review of The Retriever

Digital Strips Show 117
Digital Strips : Show 117
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We pulled out one from the queue to get you this one before you forgot about us. Back in the day we had some guest reviewers and this one was one of the ones that was suppose to be reviewed then. That doesn’t mean this dark but engrossing strip gets passed by. Turn off the lights and turn up the brightness to set the mode for The Retriever.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The Retriever by Daniel Fu
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    4 thoughts on “DS 117: Review of The Retriever

    1. Uh, bad news. At about 10:15pm on May 28th, the link to the podcast itself does not seem to be working. I’ll try back later, and if it comes up I’ll comment again to let you know.

    2. Wow, Thanks for the review, guys. That was a long one and detailed, to boot. Glad you liked the series. I sent an email to you guys to clarify some things, but I’m not sure you got it, so here’s a few comments to answer some questions.

      1. At the time you posted this, book 2 was actually NOT done yet. Go back and check out the real last page… Everything gets tied up, including the mini-arc about the woman Doc was stalking. The clues were all there, by the way ;).
      2. Don’t worry. It’s not going to become a buddy flick. It’s much much darker than that.
      3. Small Press Idol isn’t about just one panel of artwork, actually… no, it’s a 4 stage contest, with stage 1 including just a cover sketch, stage 2 consisting of character sheets, bios and logo design, stage 3 being 3 finished pages out of a 12 page story and stage 4 being the full 12 pages. Stages 2-3 come under public voting with judge’s vetoes while stage 4, the remaining entries are voted on by PURCHASES of the book being published by Dimestore… so it’s not a slouchy contest at all.

      Anyway, once again, thanks for the detailed review, comments and feedback… I can definitely see where you’re coming for on the critiques. Volume 3 will be…. unique, as it’s actually a story I did for 24 Hour Comic Day last year. Volume 4 is where we start really getting into the meat of the story… that’s the plan, anyway.

      Stay tuned!

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