Caring For A Wiki

In the world of web comics there are so few places that we can call home. From the moment we started putting up squiggly lines we have all understood that those who would follow us will come because they want that quick laugh or the easy access. Such a nature is both the greatest appeal and our worst nightmare. If you don’t update every day or at least when promised you can lose half your readers over night, just because you got caught in a snow storm. At least you’re just as likely to get them back by having an outstanding next strip but the losing and gaining of readers will give even the greatest comic gray hairs, unless you shave.

Here is where all the web comic news, portals, and podcasts come in. If web comics have it hard then we’ve got it the gerbil end of the stick. No visuals to sugar your eyes, just a witty sense of humor and the occasional bashing to make you hate us just a little. The rewards are increased traffic and sense of charity for helping that which you love. There have been so many attempts at this that the field is litter with corpses. The few still standing are left with the spoils but I’ll be damned if I have the energy left to hold on to them. This is where the Webcomic Wiki is left. This is a fantastic resource where the world can go to find what we say about our medium.

I know there are tons of other sites with this type of information but it is this Wiki that became the official repository after the Wikipedia genocide. Those wonderful editors began replying back to our jeers by telling us we had our own site and there was no need to pollute their holy grail. With our wonderful ADD we noisily gave in. The problem now is Xerexes has reached a point where he realizes he is not the person to keep it going. deserves equal attention to and that is not something Xerexes can commit to anymore without hurting his original child. What does that mean for the encyclopedia?

All this means a passing of the guard. Xerexes must leave and stop any direct involvement. Someone with a hope and a dream needs to pick up the torch and build a real community around our greatest repository of knowledge. You will gain everything from the back end of the current site to a new host, the url and/or the name Comixpedia. If you should choose to step up send in a plan with a reasonable chance of success in terms of people, organization and resources. For my part I am willing to do all the hosting, from the backend to the cost, but I also do not have the time or dedication to run more then DS. So speak up and show us your love.


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