Our 2007 WLW2 Winner!

This year had a some good entires. Every one of them made me laugh and I thank the four of you who sent them in. They were all very well done and in the spirit of the contest. Without further ado we announce the winner is:

contest entry sent in by : Ty Halley
Contestant Web Site : Halley's Comic

The dilemma I’m having though is in the number of entires. A contest was set up up with over $200 in prizes and yet we had the lowest turn out for a contest to date. Very discouraging from our end. Getting past this experience and deciding on whether to have any more contests is not what I would like to discuss.

The original idea behind the first contest, 2 years ago, was to promote artists releasing their web comics into print. We would show off the good work and at the same time generate interest in both printing and other web comics. Why has participation gone down? Do contests work any more when everyone has them? At this point it’s hard to admit that maybe it’s the prize itself. All of our readers stand a good chance of already containing this material. What then? For $200 we could have given away an iPod or even a Wiacom tablet, but then won’t our readers have those as well?

Maybe an even more basic question is do contests work at all? From what I’ve seen the bigger sites have stopped doing them all-together. Instead they are running auctions or doing commissions. Makes me wonder if we should do this at all or perhaps make original art the prize. There’s a million questions here so have it!


5 thoughts on “Our 2007 WLW2 Winner!

  1. Heh, don’t worry Dak, I skipped over the monologue the first read through too.

    As for the contests…I wouldn’t say give up on them. I come to the site regularly and I didn’t even know about it…so…

    Yeah, maybe that was the problem.

  2. So, wait, the other three of us don’t get First Place don’t get mentioned at all? That’s a change from previous years.

    My own selfishness aside, I have no idea why you had so few entries. For me, the pointer from your website was the point, not the swag. As you said, I already had many of the things in the pile that interested me.

    As for whether contests work, I would have to say they do. In one of the previous contests you held that I entered, I did get a boost in readership. I also got a boost when I tried my hand at an entirely unrealted contest that was held for Scary-Go-Round.

    I have no idea if there are too many contests, now. I hope someone else will speak up and add their opinion on that point.

    Sorry for the disappointing turnout. I hope that doesn’t mean there won’t be another next year.

  3. Everyone is getting mentioned during one of the podcasts and I plan to display a different one with each podcast post. I’m so going to pimp you guys hard. I think I’m going to email each of you and ask for ad to put up. Perhaps a better campaign would have been better. We’ll see when next year comes around.

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