My Comic Creation Can Beat Up Your Comic Creation

Everyone once in a while, my random wandering across cyber-space yields something unexpectedly cool. Yesterday while I was supposed to be working I found something that simultaneously satisfies my need for comic violence and user created content at the same time. is a site where artists can create heroes and villains and then have them digitally duke it out through comic battles.

The way it works is each competitor creates their version of the battle, with his or her character being victorious. Members of the site can then vote for the comic they think should win. Votes should be based on? three categories: quality, creativity and entertainment.

Now I've seen similar stuff before but what I really thought was cool was there are several kinds of battles. If both fighters agree, the winner could end up with a part of the loser's gear as a trophy or the losing character could end up permanently scarred or officially dead. Also some artist are fleshing out there character further with huge back story in comic format.

Like any other community driven site, a lot of the stuff is garbage, but there's enough really good quality stuff that I'm really enjoying reading through it. There's also a forum where people can help each other produce better comics

I love sketch battles, I love role-playing battles, I'm loving these comic battles. I'm seriously tempted to full on join the site so I can vote and make comments. I may even get off my butt and make a fighter or two of my own. Come along. We can fight, you know you want to punch me.

Also I've updated my flavors of the month on my about page, go read those comics too.


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