When Scott’s Collide…

If you've never heard people joke about how all you have to do to break into Web comics is be named Scott, now's your chance. I was just over as Scott Johnson's site, Extralife, and it seems Scott Kurtz of PVP will be sitting in on tonight's taping of Extralife Radio. This weeks show is supposed to be all about the world of Web comics so I will be listening intently. They do record the show live over Stickam with a chat room so if you feel like stopping by and spamming the words 'Digital Strips Rocks!' you have my permission.

The show should be interesting. The three main host of Extralife Radio are all Web comics artists e so they definitely know their stuff and are always entertaining. As for Kurtz, if you're reading this site, you probably already have an opinion of your own so all I'm going to say is that I will be listening and enjoying every minute of it.

The live taping starts in about an hour. Sorry I couldn't get more warning. The recorded show will be posted on Johnson's site once it's finished later tonight so be sure to check that out if you miss it. If anything worth commenting on happens, I'll let ya'll know. Because I'm a hick now.


EDIT::: The show was good. It was quite entertaining. Kurtz fit in really well the the Extralife Radio crew. Nothing really new worthy was discussed, no planed unvailed we didn’t already now about but I do highly recommend everyone head over there and listen to the show becuase Kurtz told a poop story that’ll make it worth your time.


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