I’m with (Anti-)Cupid

If the mere thought of Valentine’s day is making you break out in hives, Rachel Nabors has the cure.

In fact, she has declared a Valentine’s Day Massacre of her own, but instead of machine guns, her weapon of choice is Cupid’s arrow.

Nabors, who works in a loose, manga-influenced style, has confected a series of short strips starring Anti-Cupid, Crusher of Crushes and Destroyer of Insignificant Others, who is created when Rachel’s lead character runs over the real Cupid with her car. Anti-Cupid’s arrows break up relationships, and then she jumps in to explain why You’re Better Off Without Him.

In other hands this could be clumsy, but Nabors has a puckish sense of humor that keeps it light. And in Return of the Anti-Cupid, she even fixes someone up.

In her other Rachel the Great strips, Nabors uses a clean, flowing line to tell short, funny stories, such as The Panty Pirate, in which her cat sells her panties on the internet and Rachel retaliates.

Nabors has been posting webcomics for over four years, and both her style and her storytelling have become more polished, but even her early strips, such as Fifteen Revolutions, are worth a click. That strip used interesting shapes for the panels, but in her recent work she has discarded those experiments for more conventional manga-style paneling.

Although she links to them from her website and her LJ page, Nabors’ comics are hosted at gURL.com, which features all the things people hate about webcomics: slow loading, blinky ads, and lots of stuff at the top so you have to scroll for every strip. As the mother of two girls, I’m all for girl-friendly content—and I’m glad gurl.com provides hosting for young cartoonists like Nabors—but her work deserves a more professional interface.


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