On V-Day, You Can be Cliche

It's Valentines Day and I'm an insensitive jerk so rather than write an emotional, sensitive love letter to my wife, I'm going to write one to Web comics. I just hope she doesn't check this site for a while.

Dear Web comics,

It's The Geek again. You haven't written or called me back yet? I know I spend too much time staring at you. It's only because you're so beautiful. I'm sure you find that a little creepy. It's my own fault, I'm willing to change it you give me a chance. Please write me back, let me know you still care.

It was you're caring nature that first drew me to you. You are so open and willing to share with everyone. I love the way you interact with your fans, be it letting them write your punch lines some times or decide who will win a race, I like how you reward loyalty with voting incentives, bonus strips and wall papers, all for free. You manage to give so much of your self and still not be slutty. It's awesome.

I love how you make me feel when I'm with you. You make me laugh at your jokes. You can create a whole new world for me to explore and you help me see the humor in real life. But you also show the sadness that can be found. The best is when you do both at the same time.

Not only are you amazing, but your brought so many great friends into my life. People I can't imagine living without. Thank you so much for introducing us.

You're random, you're philosophical, you're cute and you're smart, all without forcing anything on me. You're the perfect form of entertainment, and I love you. I'm with you until the end, or until I lose my connection.


The Geek


2 thoughts on “On V-Day, You Can be Cliche

  1. Dearest and most fondest The Geek,
    PX! greater than three’s you. Big, big.

    Yours most truly and preciously,

    -The Panda and it’s crew.

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