I Want To Be A Weenie!

What’s the average age of a web comic? 1 year? 2? Perhaps 100 strips? We get a lot of people telling us about those. What about 7.5 years and 1000 strips? I’m pretty sure that makes you damn near eternal. That’s exactly what PC Weenies is. Krishna M. Sadasivam has been doing his strip so long we all take it for granted he’s been around since the dawn of web comics. The only complaint I have s doesn’t update enough. I mean only 1000 strips? There should be 3015 strips in that archive for me to spend the rest of my life reading and falling out of my chair laughing.

Enough pining over split milk. There is something you can get though. Krishna has started an auction to star in his 1000th strip. I can’t tell you how giddy I was. Let’s just say I went straight away to eBay and bid. Of course it didn’t last long but damned if I wasn’t beat later that day and I hadn’t even wrote this article. Good for Krishna and bad for me.

What is it about web comic auctions that makes everyone smile? Fr me it’s seeing one of my favorite artists get appreciated. There’s nothing like a bidding war for your affections that makes you all warm and tingly inside.


1 thought on “I Want To Be A Weenie!

  1. 3000 strips?? heheh – I need to be doing the toon full time to get that amount of output. 🙂 Thanks for plugging the auction, Daku! In other news, I’ve got another webcomic idea percolating that you’ll find out about in the months ahead. Stay tooned….

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