More Ways to Have Fun and Help Child’s Play

I didn't want to push Daku's post about Wikipedia down, but there was a lot of other stuff today that I had to mention while it was still relevant. So read this, donate to Child's Play and then go read the posts below this and make comments so that we develop some discussion and maybe even a flame war. We've been months without a flame war.

Anyway, I want to talk about something happy, and making kids happy makes me happy so were gonna talk about Child's Play. According to their site, the Penny-Arcade spawned chartity has already raised over $250,000 by Thanksgiving. That is awesome. They're halfway to their goal and we're barely getting into the traditional giving season.

If you haven't donated anything yet, there's still plenty of time and some really cool events going on to help you do so. There's the traditional dinner and charity auction. This is a real life event for people who live in the Bellevue, Washington area. An anonymous benefactor has purchased a bunch of tickets to the event and has donated them for PA to use in a giveaway contest. What they're asking from you is to drawn a three panel comic that contains the Child's Play logo, a city with one of the hospitals that will be helped by the money raised, a cat and meat. Yes, I know cats are made of meat, take that up with them. The contest ends tomorrow at noon PST so get on it if you're interested. Gabe said they won't be worried about art skill which is good considering the level he's at.

For those of us not in the Pacific Northwest, Internet auctions of Web comic prints and gear with the proceeds going to Child's Play are starting to pop up. Right now I know there's one going on over at Wondermark and that Dinosaur comics and ExtraLife has said they're considering doing something similar.

If you guys know of any other strips doing something cool for CP, post a link in the comments so everyone will know.

In completely unrelated news there’s a good new article/interview about the upcoming PVP cartoon at Comic Book Resources. Check it out.


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