Irregular Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Does

Crap-suck. That's the only hyphenated work I can come up with to describe how I felt when I saw that David Morgan-Mar has decided to quite his daily Lego-fuelled romp known as Irregular Webcomic. New Year's Eve is supposed to be happy, not crap-sucky.

**EDIT** Aparently it was all a big joke. A punch line I didn’t get. Everything is still going as normal over there. If you stopped reading, start again. Next time anyone in Webcomics feels the urge to post a fake I’m leaving strip, tell us first. We won’t let the secret out, but we won’t tell anyone that it’s real either.**/EDIT**?

IWC had a heck of a run though: 4 years and 1435 strips. That's pretty good for a genre where sticking at it for one year makes you a veteran. The final strip, a thank you and farewell to his readers, was posted today.

He stood out from other photo comics, in my mind at least, for his dedication to the lost art of the 'lame pun that no one should get.' This choice of humor style may have driven away some critics and readers (those who work here shall remain nameless) but endeared the strip to its fans.

Unfortunately for dedicated readers of the strip, it doesn't look like Morgan-Mar is planning of wrapping up any of his many plotlines, rather just ending them as they are.

On the up side however, Morgan-Mar seems to be planning something new in the future. Here's hoping it required just as much knowledge of physics and even more tolerance for bad word play.


2 thoughts on “Irregular Doesn’t Mean What You Think it Does

  1. Heh, sorry about that. It wasn’t really meant to fake people out so severely – it was just meant to be a “WTF?” moment, which was relieved within 24 hours. I guess I underestimated the reaction. Well, I’m not planning to do something like that again.

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