Housd Radio and Who’s Your Idol?

After a week of being neck deep in restoring the posts and comments I just have to take a break. What sort of stocking stuffers do I have for you?

Webcomic Idol – I haven’t given this contest its due considering how bomb shelter took a tired idea and applied it to web comics. My first impression is not another knock-off, but the guys seemed to have done it right and picked up a great variety of comics for you to vote off and us judges to comment. I have to admit I liked only half of them and I haven’t done my part as well as I could. It has its problems, mainly around getting the voting and promoting down right but considering it’s the first time and there’s no budget I can’t fault them too much.

At the moment the contest has suspended operations until after the holidays so this is your opportunity to catch up on the remaining five: Zed Reckoning, What Birds Know, Hector!, Stark Reality, Random Domain. So visit in a couple weeks and find out why these five are probably some of the best young comics out there.

Housd Radio – Not too long ago Mr. Ali Graham ended his four year comic HOUSD with quite the dramatic ending with the death of Stitch. What do you do when you kill characters off? Why you have a prequel. You’re telling yourselves that prequels are over-done but Ali is putting his own spin and using an old format. He has created HOUSD radio, which will be near the perfect form of entertainment still not polluted by corporations.

This new production will not be just a voiced over comic. The writing style will be more fluid revolving more around scenarios and sound effects. The time frame of the series is before the four year run of HOUSD so Ali, Mr. Chimpy and Cubert aren’t involved there should be about an episode a month.


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