Even PC Weenies Can Make a Pretty Site

Have you ever notice just how many times a web comic will update it’s site? You might be saying to yourself “months” or even “years” but then you should sit back and realize how often a regular brick and mortar company updates theirs. Take blue chip companies such as Delta, Home Depot, Coke, and UPS. All of these have had basically the same website concept for 10 years now. There are exceptions though. Delta improved their site 2 years ago (after doing nothing for 5 years) when they finally got a hold of delta.com.

Now take a look at CNN. Here is a company that has basically changed their site every 6 months. They’ve done one recently by removing some of the clutter from the front page. Of all the companies mentioned CNN is actually the closest comparison I can use to figure out why web comics are constantly reformatting. Both belong to the ‘entertainment’ medium (don’t shoot me for pointing out the obvious) and therefore have to appease their audience. This audience is becoming more volatile in its taste requiring more adaptability by hosts. You have only to point out PA using ruby and Yirmumah going to a blog format. Both of these comics changed to not only make life easier for their creators but to a format that they believed was better in line with the presentation of the comic they wish to portray.

This brings us to our good friend Krishna, one of our earliest and most loyal fans. He has taken PC Weenies from a simple blog site with a comic to a site focusing on his strip. What should we point out? In his previous site the presentation was more focused on what Krishna saw as his telling PC and Mac jokes to his friends. It was a great site that felt personal and cozy but it lacked a certain polish. Now fast forward to today’s re-launch. The PC Weenies site has undergone a complete site revamp for the first time in over 4 years. This update features a much easier way to navigate the strip archives does away with having to register on the site in order to
post comments. What is the focus now and how is Krishna trying to appeal more to his audience? I think it’s obvious.


2 thoughts on “Even PC Weenies Can Make a Pretty Site

  1. Thanks for the awesome write-up, Daku! What’s the focus, you ask? To rule the webcomic world, one toon at a time, of course! Muahahaha! >:)

  2. It seems that in principle, what a webcomic does means that by definition the format shouldn’t have to change too much over time but I guess unexpected popularity might lead to an expanded store section or something.

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