Housd and Narbonic Leave Us

A moment of silence for all the strips who are no longer updating…

I always seem to be the one to report the sad news. Housd is done. After over three and a half years and 1284 strips, Ali Graham has ended the strip no one thought would ever miss an update let alone come to completion.

I respect Graham. I think he did more for the web comics community before being able to vote legally than most people ever will. I like how he's ended the strip with the death of a character, that requires a maturity most creators lack that also provides some closure to the readers. Kind of an 'I can't go back there, Stitch is gone,' sort of feeling.

Don't fret though. Graham has already started on his next endeavor Afterstrife which he says will host some familiar faces for Housd fans but is not to be thought of as a sequel. How this will effect his place in the Ironman contest (yeah that thing's still going on, who'd have guessed) I don't know.

But Housd is the only strip going away. We've also received word from recent co-host Shaenon Garrity that she is planning on ending her acclaimed strip Narbonic in a few days. Narbonic just barely celebrated its 2000th strip and has had it praises sung by many.

Unfortunately I don't know if Garrity has any plans for another strip. From what I've seen no one who has put as much into web comics as she has can stay away for too long.


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