Web Comic Wrap Up

One of these days I actually go out and find the news like we did when this site first started. Hopefully soon but considering how rl is treating me at the moment the future is looking bleak. For any of you who think my life is interesting you should find yourself a nice white jacket and a round room with rubber walls. Anyways, all life changing events aside I present to you the news in four parts.

Sheldon – Dave Kellett leaves United Media for Self-Publishing. It moved to its new home at sheldoncomics.com on Tuesday, Nov. 7. The reasons Kellett gave was “I haven’t heard of a single cartoonist, newly syndicated since 2000, who is able to make their sole living off their strip. Not one,” but dozens of cartoonists have achieved that very goal by self-publishing on the Web. This is the kind of news we like to hear and let’s all welcome Sheldon to wilds we call home.

Pixelstrips – Free Comics! Everything has changed at Pixelstrips with all the content on the site including comics, archives, tutorials and extras are now free for everyone to enjoy. Since the inception of Pixelstrips in September of 2005 the site has been subscription only. 'Payment models for web comic sites are always tricky,' states Volo. 'Many start out as subscription sites and move to where we are now. Between sites like YouTube, MySpace and the medium of podcasting, people want and now expect their content to be free.'

Small Market Sports – After four years of piggy-backing off of Bone Flake Studios and Voices In My Hand, weekly sports themed comic strip ‘Small Market Sports’ has relaunched with it’s own URL and fresh new website design. The strip is known for its cast of characters made of personified sports equipment, ‘Small Market Sports’ regularly lampoons current headlines and rumors in the world of sports.

One Simple Add – It looks like T will never stop with ideas. Funny thing is I had a similiar idea a long time ago but first let’s describe what T has brought us. One Simple Ad is a simple and original idea where on the site, the ads are the content. It is a pure advertising site. Just about any advertiser is welcome to make his or her pitch here. The ad doesn’t have to compete with other ads or anything else for attention.

What was my idea? Big companies start going to web comic artists to produce their banner ads. I am much more likely to click on link that is funny and well drawn then those damn annoying flash ones that make me glad I have AdBlock.


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