Viper Comics Grows A Few More Fangs

For some reason I’ve always liked Viper Comics. It probably has something to do with You’ll Have That but then they seem like the kind of comic company all of could admire. Well they’ve wrapped up their web comic drive and instead of finding just one they’ve accepted 5. That’s taking their current number of 2 to a total of seven. Not bad for some guys who thought web comics would be interesting to get into.

Without further ado we present the new viper web comics:

BOB THE SQUIRREL– by Frank Page.Bob is a squirrel with a personality that could drive anyone insane. He truly believes that he is NOT a squirrel—just has squirrel tendencies. Either way, he’s a great dude to have around.

BRINKERHOFF– by Gabe Strine. Whoever said rabbit’s feet were lucky never bothered to tell Brinkerhoff. He works through the absurdities of life with the help of some loyal friends and a doting mother, while dodging the prying of his perplexing ex-wife. He isn’t looking to win the race, he just wants to be lucky enough to finish.

UGLY HILL– by Paul Southworth. “Ugly Hill” is the apt title of this strip about an American small town called Ugly Hill, and the monsters who live there. It’s character-based humor that tries to shed some light on human issues ranging from relationships and employment to racism and war by running them through the “monster-filter” and spitting them back at the reader. The question here though is how does this affect the BLC guys.
SMALL WONDER– by Worth Gowell. Newt and his friend Carver explore their own unique slice of suburbia in Small Wonder. It’s a hyperactively imaginative neighborhood, slightly askew from the world of adults. Skunks are man’s best friend, clubhouses hide Elvis, and children run dot-coms instead of lemonade stands. When Jackie moves into the community, the boys find they have a lot to learn about girls, too.

MUFFIN TIME– by Bryan Chojnowski. Muffin Time is an offbeat look at the lives of anthropomorphic friends Randall, Maryn, and Leonardo. While the strip is most certainly absurd; it’s always funny. If you like quick, irreverent humor, then you’ll love Muffin Time.


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